jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013


There were seven Lapwings on the shore this morning, but as the tide was going up, the shallow water started swallowing their legs little by little. Near them there was a Brent Goos sinking its head and traying to catch out some food from the depth of the water. It seems that it is enjoying some holidays in here because it is in the park, at least, since the 21st of January.

Hegaberak eta Branta Musubeltza - Avefrías y Barnacla Carinegra - Lapwings and a Brent Goose

On the other side of the park, there was a cuple of Shovelers swimming on a pool. They were male and female.

Ahate Mokozabalak - Cucharas - Shovelers
Robin of the Marshland turned up in our way as every day. Althogh we couldn't see him at first, we were able to listen to his singing. So finally we found him near us perched on a branch.

Txantxangorria - Petirrojo - Robin