miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

A bit of everything

I feel myself privileged for having Plaiaundi Park so close from home. It's an amazing place. You can sight a lot of different species of birds any day on a very little area of about 24 hectares. There are perching birds, waders, anatidae, herons, gulls and so on. You can see them so closely that it is as if you could tuch them.
The following pictures are the sample of today's birdsighting:

Lertxun Hauskara - Garza Real - Grey Heron
Istingor Arrunta - Agachadiza Común - Snipe
Txonta Arrunt emea - Pinzón Vulgar hembra - Chaffinch female
Kopetazuri Arrunta - Focha Común - Coot
Basahate emea - Ánade Azulón hembra - Mallard female

Txirritxo Handia - Chorlitejo Grande - Ringed Plover
Branta Musubeltza - Barnacla Carinegra - Brent Goose

Branta Musubeltza - Barnacla Carinegra - Brent Goose