sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

Birdwatching of the latest days in Plaiuandi

These weekdays have been really interesting. Despite we saw few individuals, as it was expected this season, we had the chance to enjoy birdwatching many species.

On Monday two Purple Herons came up in Plaiundi and I think they stayed near here, at least, until Thursday because I saw them sporadically until then.

Lertxun Gorria - Garza Imperial - Purple Heron
Tuesday was wonderful! I watched a Squacco Heron for the first time in my life. I posted it in my previous post. As I don't want people to get bored, I'll go on with the next birding.

On Tuesday, as well as the Squacco Heron, we saw a solitary Bar-tailed Godwit that still stayed in here. Yesterday, this lonely Godwit got a traveling companion to continue its travel to the north.

Kuliska Gorria - Aguja Colipinta - Bar-tailed Godwit

Thursday was really entertaining. To start with, an Osprey came to Plaiaundi to fish, so it perched on a branch to lie in wait for a prey. Sometimes it changed its position to a post above the water. It still continues beeing here, so you'll maybe be able to see it.

Arrano Arrantzalea - Águila Pescadora - Osprey
Arrano Arrantzalea - Águila Pescadora - Osprey

Arrano Arrantzalea - Águila Pescadora - Osprey

On Thursday we also spoted, among several species, two Whimbrel, six Curlew, three Black-winged Stilts, and a long list of birds. I hang some pictures.

Kuliska Handiak, Zankaluzeak, Kuliska Ilunak
Zarapitos Reales, Cigüeñuelas, Andarríos Grandes
Curlews, Black-winged Stilts, Green Sandpipers

Zankaluzea, Kuliska Ilunak - Cigüeñuela, Andarríos Grandes - Black-winged Stilts, Green Sandpipers

Kuliska Iluna - Andarríos Grande - Green Sandpiper

To finish with the telling of these weekdays, here you have a group of waders that were sunbathing yesterday on a wreckage boat in Itzaberri marsh.

Txirri Arruntak, Txirritxo Handiak, Harri-iraulariak
Correlimos, Chorlitejos Grandes, Vuelvepiedras
Dunlins, Ringed Ploves, Turnstones