domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Flapping wings

Although the weather has been awful, we've carried on going every day for a walk to Plaiaundi. There was so little to see that we took few photos. Even so, we were witnesses of a hunt in which a Black Kite that was soaring in the sky, saw in the far distance a mouse and punced quickly on its little, poor prey.

Miru Beltza - Milano Negro - Black Kite

Most of the time it was raining so birds were in their hidden places. But when it cleared up they went out and flapped their wings to dry themselves.

Kurlinta Handia - Zarapito Real - Curlew
Harri-iraularia - Vuelvepiedras - Turnstone

Other birds flap their wings to alight on some place. Sometimes, they frighten away other birds to take up their rooms. As if it were the only place to perch all over the world, this Grey Plover was trying to threw out those other birds to land on a little branch floating on the water.

Kuliska Gorria - Aguja Colipinta - Bar-tailed Godwit
Txirri Grisak - Chorlitos Grises - Grey Plovers
Txirri Lodia - Correlimos Gordo - Knot

In the next photograph, a Knot struggles for a place on a stick.

Txirri Lodiak - Correlimos Gordos - Knots
Harri-iraulariak . Vuelvepiedras - Turnstones
Kurlinta Bekainduna - Zarapito Trinador - Whimbrel
Txirri Grisak - Chorlitos Grises - Grey Plovers

The weather was so unsettled that some birds decided to take off to other places and some others came to Plaiaundi to shelter here.

Lertxuntxo Itzaina - Garcilla Bueyera - Cattle Egret

Lertxuntxo Txikia - Garceta Común - Little Egret

Three Black-headed Gulls have just arrived to Plaiaundi today in the evening. The last time we saw a gull of this species was the 8th of April.

Antxeta Mokogorria - Gaviota Reidora - Black-headed Gull

Antxeta Mokogorria - Gaviota Reidora - Black-headed Gull