viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013


Today it wasn't as successful as the day before yesterday because I took few photographs. Even so, I had the chance to see two Buzzards, three Little Ringed Ploves, migrating Woodpigeons, some Firecrests, Sand Martins, Teals, ... I think I saw a pair of Ring Ouzels too, but they were so faraway that I can't assure that.

I've uploaded today's some photos as well as some shots taken days before. All of them are pictures of birds that were preening. That's an activity they often do.

Txirritxo Txikia - Chorlitejo Chico - Little Ringed Plove
Buztanluzea - Mito Común - Long-tailed Tit
Zertzeta Arrunta - Cerceta Común - Teal
Lertxuntxo Txikia - Garceta Común - Little Egret
Murgilari Mottoduna - Porrón Moñudo - Tufted Duck
Bernagorri Ilun - Archibebe Oscuro - Spotted Redshank